The Secret to Success at ClassB ®

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Recently, we asked brothers Eric Hilferding and Gregg Hilferding about the ingredients for business success at ClassB®. This is what he shared with us.

classB_sm2“We’re Scouters first,” explained Gregg Hilferding, vice president of marketing we do our best to run ClassB® by our Scouting values. For example, our customer service reps strive to be Helpful and Friendly. We’ll replace an order we made an error on to be Trustworthy. We try to keep costs down by being Thrifty. We reduce our environmental impact to be Clean. While we don’t call our departments “patrols” or our CEO an “SPL,” the values of Scouting permeate everything we do. We’re pretty sure our customers can tell the difference that makes in our personal interaction, and in our products.

“We are proud to serve many non-profit groups across America, but the BSA license is special to us as we are owned and operated by a family of Scouters,” Gregg continued, “Being a licensee demonstrates our commitment to help protect the BSA’s marks, provide safe products, and stand behind our work. Those are all things that Scouters care about and lead them to choose us over other vendors.”

When asked to describe a typical customer, Gregg shared, “Our typical customer is a pack, troop, crew, district, or sometimes a local council who want a unique activity uniform shirt. Scouting customers can choose from thousands of design ideas online. They can design something unique with our interactive design tool, which lets our customers start from an existing design and modify it for their group or start from a blank shirt and incorporate text, graphic elements, and official BSA marks to make a design that is truly unique.”

“In the 29 years we’ve been in this business, our reputation and the success of our company rests on making the customer happy. You’ll see how much we do to make sure that the best looking high quality shirts are delivered to your door,” said Eric Hilferding, president of ClassB®, “One hundred percent guaranteed customer satisfaction.”

The brothers told us that they thought the key to successful innovation is focused in two areas: product quality and customer experience. They constantly tweak theprinting processes and invest in new technology to improve the quality of the final product. Because they know their customers need t-shirts which will survive the wear and tear from backpacking, sun exposure, and Scouts doing their own laundry. They also told us that they regularly review and update the ordering process as easy as possible because they also know the person in charge of buying the t-shirts has many other Scouting responsibilities. The goal for ClassB® is to make process as easy as possible. “Scouters should look for an entire new line of digitally-printed designs that bring a new level of detail and imagery to our product line and can be ordered one t-shirt at a time,” Gregg Hilferding announced, “Plus, many of our customers will be excited to hear that we are working to carry custom embroidered patches again. Customers will get the benefit of ClassB’s art department and customer service team matched with the quality manufacturing of officially licensed patch manufacturers.”

In addition to t-shirts, ClassB® offers custom printed and embroidered t-shirts, wicking shirts, fishing shirts, ball caps, and more.

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BSA LicensingThe Secret to Success at ClassB ®

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