What’s a trademark license and why is it important?

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What’s a trademark license? Is it important?

Let’s start with this basic definition of a trademark: it’s a symbol – either a word or a logo or another device — that distinguishes one company’s products or services from those of another. When you’re in the supermarket shopping for laundry detergent…

Burgin HardinWhat’s a trademark license and why is it important?

New Licensee: Creative Outdoor Distributor

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Creative Outdoor Distributor will release a number of licensed Be Prepared® products this fall including a unique 6-Person Folding Bench, an I-Chair complete with an shade umbrella and laptop tray, a folding wagon with a cover, folding chairs, table, and three-legged swivel stool. We'll let you know where you can buy these cool outdoor products soon!     Check out some of the other products below:    
BSA LicensingNew Licensee: Creative Outdoor Distributor

Boy Scouts of America welcomes Iris Houston

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The Boy Scouts of America is pleased to welcome Iris Houston to its Supply Group retail business development department as a licensing specialist. In her new role, Houston will help the organization continue its licensed products growth with consumer products in the retail marketplace. She will be based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

BSA LicensingBoy Scouts of America welcomes Iris Houston